The size of the printed area is 320x320 pixels.
When uploading, designs will be resized into the right size and it’s possible to crop the image, but we strongly recommend you to size your design beforehand.

Display images can be larger and will not be resized, but the largest they are displayed is 470x470 pixels, and to assure that everyone has a better browsing experience, your images should be sized accordingly.

The maximum size of an uploaded image (both display images and layers) is 2MB.

Every color tone should be uploaded as a separate file.
SprayPrinter uses one spraycan at the time. That means all the colors should be separated into different layers and uploaded as different files.

All the layers are in png format.
All the layers should have a transparent background. Anything that isn’t transparent will be marked as sprayprintable area.

The color of the layers should be the same as on the design.
Note that the end user can change the final color schema from SprayPrinter's mobile application. We recommend using Montana water based spraypaint (exact tones available at http://www.montana

The file name of your design must include the order.
The order is ascending (from 1 up). e.g. steampunk_helmet_1.png would be the first layer sprayprinted, steampunk_helmet_2.png would be the second.
Upload your own design
Here you upload your actual desin .

These are hidden from the user until they
buy your design or add it to their collection.

Layers must have an aspect ratio of 1:1

A Layer can contain only two RGBA color codes.

NB! Design layers will be resized to 320x320 pixels.
Please make sure the size of your design is similar
The display image is the image that is
shown to all users.

Potential clients decide whether to buy a stencil
based on this image.

This image can have any aspect ratio,
but they will still be cropped to square
when displayed in the design gallery

Display images are public and can be downloaded
by anyone, so please make sure you do not use
the same file(s) you used for your design
If you believe your display image can be downloaded
and used as a stencil (e.g. it is transparent
and only has one layer),
check this to add a watermark to your image.
Public designs need to be reviewed
before they become available to the public.

If you are submitting a design for personal use,
keep it private and it will be available to you immediately.

Private designs do not require a name, a description
or a display image, however, it's still recommended.

A design's status can be changed at any time.
If made public later, it will be submitted for review.
Upload my artwork
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